Jurassic World Dominion (2022)

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Jurassic World Dominion (2022)

Action | Adventure | Science Fiction
6.692 / 10
Release Date
01 June 2022
2 : 26 minutes
Spoken Language
English, Français, Malti
Four years after Isla Nublar was destroyed, dinosaurs now live—and hunt—alongside humans all over the world. This fragile balance will reshape the future and determine, once and for all, whether human beings are to remain the apex predators on a planet they now share with history’s most fearsome creatures.

Cast Overview :

Owen Grady
by: Chris Pratt
Claire Dearing
by: Bryce Dallas Howard
Dr. Ellie Sattler
by: Laura Dern
Dr. Ian Malcolm
by: Jeff Goldblum
Dr. Alan Grant
by: Sam Neill
Kayla Watts
by: DeWanda Wise
Ramsay Cole
by: Mamoudou Athie
Maisie Lockwood
by: Isabella Sermon
Lewis Dodgson
by: Campbell Scott
Dr. Henry Wu
by: BD Wong
Barry Sembène
by: Omar Sy
Franklin Webb
by: Justice Smith
Zia Rodriguez
by: Daniella Pineda
Rainn Delacourt
by: Scott Haze
Soyona Santos
by: Dichen Lachman
Jeremy Bernier
by: Caleb Hearon
Wyatt Huntley
by: Kristoffer Polaha
Denise Roberts
by: Freya Parker
Angus Hetbury
by: Alexander Owen
by: Joel Elferink
Charlotte Lockwood
by: Elva Trill
Drive in Movie Theatre Kid
by: Lillia Langley
Carolyn O'Hara
by: Glynis Davies
Maltese Smuggler
by: Dimitri Vegas
Security Guard
by: Adam Kiani
by: Enzo Squillino Jr.
by: Bastian Antonio Fuentes
Biosyn Scientist
by: Bernardo Santos
Washington Pedestrian
by: Ross Donnelly
by: Manuela Mora
by: Teresa Cendon-Garcia
Maltese Gangster
by: Metin Hassan
by: Cokey Falkow
Gemma Zhao
by: Jasmine Chiu
Rosa Delgado
by: Emilie Jumeaux
by: Eleanor Tata
Hog Farmer
by: Lynn Hunter
by: Cathleen Summers
by: Patrick Loungway
T-Bone Car Driver
by: Michael Bendib
Sundar Kumar
by: Ahir Shah

Member Reviews :

"Owen" (Chris Pratt) and "Claire" (Bryce Dallas Howard) are living in the remote wilderness with "Maisie" (Isabella Sermon), whom they are desperate to protect. From what? Well it turns out she is a bit of a miraculous conception from the "Lockwood" dynasty that co-founded the original park with "Hammond" and is very much on the radar of corporate megalomanic "Dodgson" (Campbell Scott) whose company is devising super-engineered locusts to devour great swathes of crops across the United States that are not grown from their own brand of seed. This is where "Sattler" (Laura Dern) comes in. She is convinced of this dastardly plan, but must compare the DNA of one from his lab with one they secured in the wild so she can prove it. Her plan enlists the help of old pal "Grant" (Sam Neill) and with the help of their intellectual nemesis "Malcolm" (a suitably contrarian effort from Jeff Goldblum) they secure an invitation to the company's sanctuary in the Italian Dolomites. Meantime, the young girl is abducted from her wintry home, as is the baby of velociraptor "Blue" and so Pratt and Howard have to track them down, and that takes them on some quickly paced, but hardly original, set piece adventures where they meet pilot "Kayla" (DeWanda Wise). She chips in to help them in what now reminded me of aspects of the Brendan Fraser "Mummy" films, before they also end up in the Italian mountains. Can they team up and thwart the cunning plan? The problem with this, is that there are just way too many characters and too many weakly constructed threads to the story going on. It's all too diffuse and serendipity in the last hour or so just takes far too great a hand in the way the narrative combines and develops. The dinosaur effects are still amazing, but oddly enough I felt them less effective than in previous iterations - there just aren't enough scenes that feature them and when they do, they are just under-used. Pratt is always good value for me, but here he looks out of sorts and hardly features at all; Scott just doesn't cut it as the malevolent baddie (though could his character be the same guy who tried to buy the specimens in the first film?) and Sam Neill relies too much on his bemused facial expressions - indeed his best work on this is pretty much all included in the trailers. It looks great on big screen, includes a few bars now and again from John Williams masterful 1993 score, but for the main part this is a pretty mediocre conclusion to a great franchise with an ending that is rushed and entirely predictable.
FULL SPOILER-FREE REVIEW @ https://www.msbreviews.com/movie-reviews/jurassic-world-dominion-spoiler-free-review "Jurassic World Dominion is a massive disappointment on virtually every level. With an incredibly captivating premise, Colin Trevorrow ignores the fascinating years of mankind trying to deal with the chaos of dinosaurs repopulating Earth, opting instead to write a generic, formulaic, surprisingly tedious screenplay. In addition to the lousy character treatment, the cast is divided into two storylines focused on nonsensical, bland rescue and espionage missions, placing dinosaurs on the back burner during the excessively long runtime. Action sequences reach drastically low entertainment levels, sometimes imperceptible due to erratic camera work and choppy editing. The cast, visuals, and score might save this from being a complete trainwreck, but not from miserably failing to deliver an epic conclusion to a saga that deserved nothing less than that." Rating: D
With _Jurassic World Dominion_, a _Jurassic World_ film where dinosaurs are now free and interacting with the modern world shouldn’t feel this long-winded or this tiresome. There are a few action sequences that are worthwhile and Jeff Goldblum has a few great one-liners (“You made a promise to a dinosaur?”), but the film is a monumental disappointment overall. The film has already made over $415 million at the worldwide box office, so the interest in the franchise is still there. But the chemistry between the cast is almost non-existent and it feels like the film is running on fumes as it tries to offer something new from what is otherwise dried up fossil fuel. If the _Jurassic Park/Jurassic World_ franchise is to continue, it desperately needs to go in a refreshing and unseen direction. Now that all of the nostalgia is out of the way, fans deserve a refreshing and unique adventure over what is otherwise a glorified rehash. **Full review:** https://hubpages.com/entertainment/Jurassic-World-Dominion-2022-Review-You-Cant-Squeeze-Fun-From-a-Fossil
  Chris Sawin